All of our rides are mapped in Stravabikely, Garmin Connect or All these maps have distances and a profile. 
The following table is a summary of our most common rides. 
Most routes have possible modifications to shorten or lengthen them. Modifications are planned before (and sometimes during) each ride.
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RouteCommentkmGarmin Course
RouteCommentkmGarmin Course
Alton Downs from Good Company Cafe  58  
Alton Downs from QML  49  
Artillery Rd Hilly, but a great training ride and a great downhill ride back to Rocky 42 Garmin Connect course 25kph 
Beaches Loop Classic, scenic 100km ride 102  
Belmont Rd Loop  40  
Belmont Rd Out and Back Either turn back at the Dawson Road T, or go back towards the highway and turn back at Belmont Creek 30  
Bouldercombe out and back Distance from Southside Coffee Club to the Bouldercombe Shop 21.5  
Caves out and back High traffic on the highway 40  
Cawarral Loop Hilly loop, great ride back to town 60  
Country Club Loop Northside townie ride 20  
Forbes Avenue From Frenchville Food Store 3.11  
Fruit Shop out and back  25  
Gardens Loop  30  
Gracemere Angle from Good Company Cafe  44  
Gracemere Angle from Jellicoe St Mid-weed Tuesday and Thursday rides 27  
Hillside Loop Northside Townie   
Kabra Angle Longer option combined with Gracemere Angle 60  
Keppel Sands  86  
Mount Morgan Range  70  
Mt Archer Climb Just the last bit up Frenchville Rd to the top 7.3  
Nine Mile Shorter than the Alton Downs loop, but a bit rough on the Nine Mile Road 45  
Northside 16km Loop  16  
Poison Creek  72  
Southside Hills  40  
Tanby Loop From Keppel Bay Marina 42  
Thomsons Point out and back Scenic ride, not too many hills 50  
Thozet Loop Short Northside Loop 13  
Yeppoon Byfield Junction Loop  40  
Showing 28 items