cycle4life rockhampton

cycle4life rockhampton is an informal, mixed social cycling group. The group is very friendly and welcomes new men and women. The group goals are to be fit and to have fun!

The latest online information and interaction is on our facebook group.  


Weekly Schedule

Our routine weekly schedule is shown in the table below. Other ad-hoc rides occur sometimes (eg on Public Holidays) and are socialised in the group and published on the calendar. Times change slightly for Summer and Winter, so check this site before riding, join the facebook group, join the Strava Club, or get on our mailing list.

Departure point from these rides will be from the Quay Street/Denham Street intersection.

The Saturday rides are designed to suit a range of needs, with a range of speed options. there is also a shorter, slower option every Saturday leaving slightly later.

Every Saturday we choose a different ride based on a rolling 2-monthly roster. Generally we start with our shortest ride on the first weekend of each month and build up to the longest ride at the end of the month.

Rides are usually between 40 km and 60 km, but sometimes longer depending on whether people are preparing for an event, or just want a challenge. All of our rides are mapped on-line on the routes page.


From time to time some of us challenge ourselves by participating in local, state or national cycling community events.

Regular Weekly Rides

Social Media


Our main social media interaction is via our closed facebook group cycle4life rockhampton

If you ride with us, or have an association with us, search for us and request membership via facebook.


Our twitter account is @cycle4liferocky


Our instagram account is @cycle4liferocky


Use hashtag #cycle4liferocky to tag us on any social media platform.


We have a Strava club for announcements and statistics.

To get on our email list, join the google group cycle4life by sending an email to subscribe. If you are on the list you will normally get a reminder for the Saturday ride during the week before.  

The Fine Print

All riders must adhere to the road rules at all times:

Here are some links to recommended Bicycle organisations that have insurance cover included in their membership at a very reasonable cost. 


Cycle4Life Rockhampton list these unofficial rides for informational purposes only and are not organisers paid or non paid for of any rides listed and accept no responsibility for the ride itself or accuracy of the information provided.


"Cycle4Life Rockhampton" is a casual name and not an organisation, company or legal entity in any way, The cyclists are all individuals that ride at the same time each Saturday and at other times during the week, and enjoy the company of other cyclists for a ride and a coffee. Weekly rides are proposed safe routes that can be changed at any time by whoever is present, there is no one representative or organiser of  the rides. They are legal road rides in which every rider must obey the road rules at all times.

As a group or as individuals they do not accept or take responsibility for any consequences arising from any of these social rides, whether by way of personal injury or property damage. It should not be assumed that any or all of the riders who choose to ride on these Social Rides have public liability or personal injury insurance (if any) or will respond in the event of injury, damage or loss. All participants in any ride, participate at their own risk and acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous activity in which accidents can and do occur, and that may result in serious injury or even death. All participants should satisfy themselves that they have adequate insurance and all participants are recommended to take out Bicycle Queensland and/or Cycling Australia recreational membership for the personal injury and public liability cover it provides.